Associate Professor
Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics | Faculty of Medicine
Director | Innovations in Acute Care & Technology Research Cluster | CFRI
Director of Research | Pediatric Anesthesia | BC Children’s Hospital
Research Interests:

My major research focus is on the use of new technology, and the information derived from such advances, to reduce patient risk in anesthesia and intensive care. We are building on our success in bench to bedside research in anesthesia monitoring and clinician decision support to a much wider application of related technologies in global healthcare. To develop a robust, low cost wireless pulse oximeter that displays information on a cell phone for use in the developing world. The information display will minimize the need for training in interpretation, optimize the use of information in the pulse oximetry signal and provide intelligent interpretation of results. Dr. Ansermino has developed the oximeter through a start-up company LionsGate Technologies which recently raised $2 million to develop the product.


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