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Our monthly newsletter provides information on members, the Initiative, upcoming conferences, calls for abstracts, and funding, as well as interesting tidbits in the news regarding neglected global diseases. We also send out announcements on a fairly regular basis, but keep them under 6 a month. Join our list serve to receive these announcements and our newsletter.

Members of the NGDI are highlighted on our website and have their existing projects submitted to us for inclusion in our research portfolio and website.  We work to develop these projects and provide funding opportunities that are above and beyond the research cluster group meetings. If you would like to have your work featured, please download our researcher profile form and return to

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Ben Warren
“I believe that in a global community we have a responsibility to one another no matter what part of the world we come from.”

Jennifer Love
”Drugs for the treatment of diseases that afflict mainly poor populations are not typically profitable. As such, the pharmaceutical industry has little incentive to develop such drugs. Given that academic institutions are not-for-profit, universities do not have the same disincentive as pharma. Ideally, universities would facilitate not-for-profit drug development and delivery. The UBC NGDI is a step toward that goal.”

Dan Badulescu
”I belong to NGDI because of the relevance of the project, the leadership of Dr. Wasan and the experience we have developed in participatory research and translation of emerging technologies based on previous experience in agricultural and natural resources extension and health promotion with Unicef in Cuba and Mexico.”