Clinical Professor
Pediatrics | Faculty of Medicine
Director | Centre for International Child Health
6048752345 ext:5642
Research Interests:

Project Names: Development of Fixed Drug Dosing Bands listed on the Vector control, Tools & Diagnostics page, Interrupting Pathways to Childhood Sepsis and Scale Up of Zinc Treatment of Childhood Diarrhea listed on the Implementation Research page.

My current research interests include (carried out in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa

  1. The scale up of zinc treatment of childhood diarrhea
  2. Evidence in support of interrupting pathways to childhood sepsis
  3. The development of fixed drug dosing bands based upon anthropometric measurements applied to essential pediatric drugs.
  4. In China I am participating in the development and implementation of a large birth cohort study (100,000 mother-child dyads over 10 years)

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