Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Research Interests:

The research in my laboratory/The Med Chem lab in FoPS is structured around technology to construct both generalized and focused small molecule libraries as a research tool to generate new chemical entities and to identify new biologically active compounds. Building upon expertise acquired at Institut Curie in the construction of libraries of highly functionalized purine analogues (see BMC 3987, 2006; most cited paper 2005-08), our current research is focused on using methodology developed by the group to access a very wide range of new polyfunctional pyridine based compounds using different pyridine derivatives (pyridine, 2-pyridinone, 4-pyridinone, etc) as “privileged scaffolds. The driving force behind this work is to identify molecules displaying inhibitory activity in three major therapeutic areas:

  • Anti-HIV/AIDS
  • Diabetic cardiovascular disease
  • Dengue fever

A pyridine heterocycle will be a common structural element in compounds identified as active for each of these therapeutic applications.

Relevant NGDI Articles


Phytochemical studies and antioxidant activity of two South African medicinal plants traditionally used for the management of opportunistic fungal infections in HIV/AIDS patients. Otang WM, Grierson DS and Ndip RN.  BMC Complement Altern Med 2012 12:43.