Clinical Professor
Pediatrics | Faculty of Medicine
Medical Director | Women & Family HIV Centre | Children’s & Women’s Hospital of BC
Pediatric Infectious Disease Consultant
Research Interests:

Women and Family HIV Centre:
The Women and Family HIV Centre at BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital is a provincial resource that provides medical care to women, children and youth living with HIV disease in British Columbia. The centre has an important priority of preventing the transmission of HIV from pregnant women to their infants by coordinating a provincial program of creating the mothers and their infants with antiretroviral medications. These infants and all HIV infected children and youth less than 18 years of age receive medical care at the centre. The centre is active in clinical research and my role is to investigate issues pertaining to HIV disease in infected infants, children and youth born to HIV infected mothers. The centre provides teaching and training to medical students, residents and health care professionals on aspects of HIV care of women and children.

Relevant NGDI Articles


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