School of Population & Public Health | Faculty of Medicine
Canada Research Chair in Global Health & Capacity Building
Research Interests:

Project Names: Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Information System (OHASIS) and Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV and TB in the Workplace

Our research focuses on the health of health workers – the world’s largest workforce and particularly vulnerable to airborne and blood-borne diseases including HIV and TB. Health workers are responsible for providing prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and support, yet are dying from neglected diseases due to inadequate access to prevention and treatment themselves. Our group develops, implements and evaluates capacity-building initiatives in communities and workplaces, contributes to evidence-based national policies and international guidelines; and we develop, refine, and implement information systems and communications technology to address the needs identified regarding these and related neglected diseases. We also work globally to promote an interdisciplinary approach in global health.

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