Adjunct Professor
W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics
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Research Interests:

Project Name: The Intellectual Property and Policy Research Group listed on the Policy Work on Affordability & Adoption page.

The Intellectual Property and Policy Research Group (IPPRG) is a collaboration of interdisciplinary researchers from law, sociology, philosophy and science backgrounds who are interested in the convergence of technology, innovation and translation. Our research has been funded by members’ participation in a number of Genome Canada projects. Our research is centred on alternative and conventional intellectual property regimes (IPRs) such as:

  • Genomics and Technology Transfer/Development Offices
  • Patent Pools and Essential Medicines
  • Open Source Drug Discovery and Development
  • Research Tool Patents & the Experimental Use Exemption
  • Public Domain as an Alternative IPR
  • IP and Regulatory Policy for Neglected Disease Drug Development
  • IP and Plant Genomics

We outline the technical basis for each model and identify the ethical and practical issues at stake, including the promotion of public health, the location of proprietary rights and detailed examinations of the distribution of cost and benefits.

Relevant NGDI Articles


Expansion of the Canadian Research Exemption for Biotechnology Research Tools. Levy E, Voell M, Goulding R, and Marden E. Biotechnology Law Report 2011, Vol30:1:59-63.