Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Director | Pharmacy and Vaccine Service | BC Centre for Disease Control
Research Interests:

As a pharmacotherapeutic specialist in infectious diseases, my research interests lie within public health communicable disease control. My research and training environment focuses on policy-related work with respect to evaluating the clinical impact of antimicrobial agents in studies of specific patient subgroups and in population-based cohorts as well as cost-effectiveness of various public health programs. Population-based use of antimicrobial agents and impact on diseases I am interested in surveillance of anti-infective agents at a population level as well as use of these agents in patients with tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases and other communicable diseases. Health outcomes associated with interventions associated with communicable diseases I am interested in evaluating health outcomes associated with various immunization and TB control programs such as cost-effectiveness of vaccination programs for the province of British Columbia, resources and health care utilization due to communicable diseases.

Relevant NGDI Articles


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