Associate Professor
Microbiology & Immunology | Faculty of Science
Research Interests:

I am interested in the molecular mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis, particularly the mechanisms that allow colonization and carriage of Bordetella pertussis. B. pertussis is the Gram negative bacterium that causes whooping cough (pertussis). Humans are the only naturally infected host and there is no environmental reservoir. Despite being a “vaccine-success story”, pertussis remains an important disease with annual worldwide estimates approaching 20 million cases and 300,000 deaths. Although most cases of pertussis can be prevented by vaccination, neither vaccination, nor natural infection generates life-long immunity, underscoring the need for alternative vaccine strategies or inexpensive booster vaccines that can be administered safely on a global scale. Why we do not mount a long-lasting, sterilizing immune response to B. pertussis is not known.

Relevant NGDI Articles


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