Ebola News Archive

The NGDI collected news items on Ebola from October 1, 2014 - October 30, 2015.  The start of the collating coincided with our decision to host an Ebola Conference featuring the Canadian collaborations in vaccines and therapeutics. NGDI is also hosting a Peter Wall International Roundtable in 2016 investigating the changes in regulatory practices with Ebola Clinical Trials and whether these changes can be reflected in other Neglected Disease research and development practices.

Oct 27 Quartz Africa: The last days of this Ebola outbreak are as much about access to information as access to healthcare
CBC News: Ebola deployment by military crucial but carries risks: report
Oct 21 Ebola Deeply: Loss, Health and Money: Ebola Survivors' Greatest Concerns
Oct 20 IntraHealth Int'l: In Liberia, Ebola’s Effects on Mental Health Are Real—Even if We Don’t Yet Know Them
Oct 16 Global Health Now: Ebola: Persistent, and No Visa Required
Reuters: UPDATE-Ebola outbreak may enter third year after new cases in Guinea
Oct 15 The Guardian: Ebola study finds women in Guinea who appear immune to the virus
WHO Africa: Preliminary study finds that Ebola virus fragments persist in semen of some survivors for 9 months
Oct 14 Science Insider: In wake of Ebola epidemic, Margaret Chan wants countries to put their money where their mouth is
NovaNext: Ebola Drug Killed by Congressional Inaction Less than Two Years Before Outbreak
CIDRAP: Study: Most health workers infected in non-Ebola settings
Reuters: Chinese firm says plans to 'mass produce' Ebola vaccine
Oct 9 Reuters: J&J starts vaccine trial in Sierra Leone, even as Ebola fades
Reuters: Ebola's persistence in survivors fuels concerns over future risks
London School Hygiene Tropical Medicine: Ebola vaccine trial underway in Sierra Leone
CBC News: Ebola's persistence in survivors fuels concerns
Oct 8 Humanosphere: One year later, Ebola still haunts Sierra Leone classrooms
Oct 7 Washington Post: No new cases of Ebola in West Africa last week for the first time since March 2014
Oct 6 Reuters: Baby, maternal deaths soar in Sierra Leone on Ebola fear-researchers
SciDevNet: Isolation beats vaccines for epidemics in poor nations
Oct 5 Humanosphere: Liberian President Sirleaf: Ebola crisis fueled by weak health systems
WHO Media: Stmt on 7th meeting of IHR Emergency Committee regarding Ebola outbreak in W Africa
Oct 2 The Guardian: Ebola in Sierra Leone: ‘Friends died from the very virus they fought against’
Oct 1 The Hill: The cost-effective way to protect against future Ebola outbreaks

Sep 30 The Guardian: Ebola is all but over, but the postmortem is just getting started
EurekaAlert!: Ebola cannot be conquered without understanding Africa's culture, politics and poverty
CIDRAP: Guinea reports 4 Ebola cases; WHO details response reforms
The Atlantic: Ebola's Body Collectors
Sep 23 AP: UN Ebola response now planned to continue into 2016
USA Today: Some health experts say the USA hasn't learned key lessons from Ebola experience
Sep 22 USA Today: Year of airport screening doesn't catch Ebola
Ebola Deeply: In Liberia, Paying Tribute to Those Who Sang Against Ebola
Sep 21 AP Investigation: Bungling by UN agency hurt Ebola response
CBC News: WHO bungling of Ebola crisis in Africa revealed in e-mails
Sep 18 Intrahealth Int'l: CDC Looks Ahead as Ebola Challenges Continue in West Africa
 Sep 17 Global Health Now: Ebola Lessons
CNN: Experimental Ebola drug ZMapp gets fast track status from FDA
Project Syndicate: Dying to Live
SciDevNet: Aid agencies urged to sustain Ebola data advances
Sep 14 AFP: New Ebola death in S.Leone dims optimism for epidemic's end
Reuters: Hundreds quarantined as Ebola returns to north Sierra Leone district
AP: New Ebola death reported in northern Sierra Leone
Science Speaks: Once again, “Ebola-free,” Liberia begins three months of surveillance and CDC looks ahead
Fast Company: Meet two Sisters taking on the Ebola aftermath in West Africa
Sep 10 Kaiser GH News: Ebola-Related Travel Restrictions Remain In Place For Some Countries Even As Outbreak Fades
Politico: How to Eradicate Political Panic
Fortune: Ebola's "magic pill" might actually be a machine
Sep 9 UN News: UN health agency warns Ebola outbreak in West Africa has ‘a very nasty sting in its tail’
Scientific American: Grim Snapshot Reveals Complex Health Issues for Ebola Survivors [Infographic]
AFP: Guinea passes one week with no new Ebola case: WHO
Science Speaks: One more reason global health news matters: Ebola reporting provides real time data
Sep 8 Reuters Africa: New Sierra Leone Ebola cases frustrate efforts to end outbreak
Sep 7 European Commission: EU Children of Peace initiative: €1 million to assist children affected by Ebola
Sep 6 AFP: New Ebola case in Sierra Leone quarantine village: president
Ebola Deeply: Students in West Point, Liberia, Learn to Tell Their Own Stories
Sep 4 Ebola Deeply: Ebola, The Weekly Summary: September 3, 2015
The Guardian: Ebola doctor calls for fatal flaws in Sierra Leone health system to be addressed
Sep 1 WHO News: WHO Director-General addresses Institute of Medicine Ebola workshop

Aug 31 Voice of America: Money Questions Swirl as Liberia's Ebola Outbreak Nears End
WHO News: Guinea Ring Vaccination trial extended to Sierra Leone to vaccinate contacts of new Ebola case
CBC News: Ebola kills woman in Sierra Leone, less than a week after the last confirmed case
Aug 28  Aljazeera America: In Sierra Leone, creative therapy for Ebola-prevention workers
ABC News: Ebola Survivor Who Lost 21 Relatives Gives Birth to Baby Boy
Aug 27 Wired: Vaccines Weren’t Ready for Ebola. We Can Do Better
Aug 24 The Guardian: Joy as Sierra Leone's last Ebola patient ends treatment but grief and fear remain
Aug 20 Huff Post: Protecting The Most Vulnerable in Sierra Leone's Latest Ebola Outbreak
Aug 17 IntraHealth Int'l: Amidst Ebola Crisis, Coordination and Long-Term Thinking Pay Off
Aug 14 CBC News: As Ebola cases decline, ZMapp drug trial answers unclear
Aug 12 IRIN Africa: Ebola’s victims of the future: pregnant women
Aug 10 Ebola Deeply: Sierra Leone Lifts Ban on Public Gatherings: Freetown Reacts
Humanosphere: Some caution with the good news about an Ebola vaccine
Aug 7 CBC News: Ebola survivors face joint, eye complications
WHO Africa: An emergency within an emergency: caring for Ebola survivors
Aug 6 EurekaAlert!: Vaccine protects against Ebola when administered 7 days ahead
Aug 5 Ebola Deeply: A Conversation with: John-Arne Røttingen, Ebola Vaccine Co-Investigator
Aug 4 CBC News: Just 2 Ebola cases reported in past week but risks remain, WHO says
Wired: What ‘100 Percent Effective’ Means for That Ebola Vaccine
Aug 3 Ebola Deeply: The Ebola Vaccine: Seven Things to Understand About rVSV-ZEBOV
The Guardian: Sierra Leone's Ebola aid workers bear the deep mental scars of haunting deaths

 Jul 31  WHO News: World on the verge of an effective Ebola vaccine
 Jul 30 Ebola Deeply: Book Review: Called for Life, by Kent and Amber Brantly
Jul 29 Christian Science Monitor: How West Africa is ramping up food security after Ebola outbreak
Ebola Deeply: Ebola, The Weekly Summary: July 29, 2015
Jul 26 Washington Post: Putting out the fire, next time
Quartz: The unsung heroes of the Ebola fight need our help
Jul 24 Ebola Deeply: Sierra Leone Begins Treating Ebola Patients with Survivors' Plasma
Jul 22 Ebola Deeply: UNMEER Prepares for Sierra Leone Drawdown: Freetown Reacts
Jul 20 CBC News: Tekmira to suspend Ebola drug development, focus on hepatitis B
Ebola Deeply: The Long Read: Unlocking Ebola's Secrets: Part One
Jul 19 Huff Post: New Cartoon Video Demystifies Ebola
Jul 17 AFP: Liberia says 4 remaining Ebola patients have recovered
Ebola Deeply: A Conversation With: Joseph Tahyor Jr., Ebola Data Manager
Kaiser Foundation: With Steady Number Of Ebola Cases In West Africa, Health Officials Face Challenges
Jul 15 Ground Truth: After $3.4 billion pledge to Ebola response, concerns persist about preparedness for next outbreak
The Guardian: International Medical Corps nurse dies of Ebola in Sierra Leone
Jul 14 Ebola Deeply: Ebola, The Executive Summary: July 14, 2015
Jul 13 BioMedCentral: Home Leone: Experiences from a diagnostic laboratory in an Ebola Treatment Centre
WHO: The World Health Organization to accelerate national and global health security
Jul 12 The Guardian: Guinea's president on global aid push: 'Ebola forced us to change completely'
Jul  10 UN News: UN and regional leaders launch effort to put Ebola-affected West Africa on path to recovery
Baltimore Sun: Ebola research efforts shift to improving survivors' health
Huffington Post: It's Too Early to Declare Victory Over Ebola
Ebola Deeply: Port Loko: "People Are Still Dying From Ebola. We Need to Take Drastic Measures"
WHO News: Liberia update: New information from genetic sequencing
Jul 8 Reuters: Loss of health staff could increase maternal mortality in Ebola-hit countries: World Bank
Jul 7 GAVI Vaccine Alliance: Gavi to support rebuilding of immunisation programmes in Ebola-affected countries
One: When losing track means losing lives: A new analysis by ONE about the Ebola crisis
Jul 6 The Guardian: UN special envoy says Ebola flare-ups could continue for some time
Ebola Deeply: Sea Fever: Port Loko’s Unisa Kamara on Fishing During Ebola
Jul 3 WHO Media: Recurrence of Ebola transmission in Liberia
Jul 2 Reuters: Scapegoated faith healers needed in Sierra Leone health system: report

Jun 30 CBC News: Corpse tests positive for Ebola in Liberia as Canada ends military mission
Devex: Help row, not steer: Lessons from the Ebola crisis response
Jun 29 Intrahealth: If Ebola Comes, Kenya Will Be Ready
Jun 28 Global Post: Love in the time of Ebola: How sex is keeping the outbreak alive
Jun 27 The Atlantic: Preventing the Next Pandemic
Jun 26 Nature: Researchers frustrated by failure to roll out 'game-changing' Ebola test
Jun 25 The Guardian: Sierra Leone: 'needs a Marshall Plan, not a multitude of micro initiatives'
AFP: Ebola-hit Sierra Leone quarantines 31 health workers
Aljazeera America: After Ebola outbreak, Liberia’s health care system struggles to rebound
Jun 24 CBC News: Guinea's Ebola epidemic risks more malaria deaths
Ebola Deeply: Could Ramadan Help End Ebola in Sierra Leone?
 Jun 22 Reuters: Ebola returns to Sierra Leone capital after three-week gap
CBC News: Post-Ebola Syndrome: Survivors continue to face mystery symptoms
Jun 19 AAPS Science Insider: In setback for potential Ebola drug, company halts trial
CBC News: Canadian Ebola drug trial stopped
Jun 18 USAID: Ebola doesn’t disappear at zero and neither will we
Jun 17 The Guardian: Ebola genetic code analysed to show evolution of worst ever outbreak
Reuters: Ebola vaccines in limbo expose need for more speed in trials
AFP: Thousands of Liberians in 'post-Ebola syndrome' study
Huffington Post: Getting to Zero -- and Staying at Zero
Ebola Deeply: Ebola, The Executive Summary: June 17, 2015
Jun 15 World Bank: As Ebola Crisis Wanes, a Mixed Picture of Economic Recovery for Households in Sierra Leone
IRIN: Turn on the taps to defeat the next Ebola
Jun 13 Reuters: Ebola could hit again and we would hardly do better: MSF
Jun 12 PBS News: Why testing an Ebola vaccine isn't so easy
The Hill: Obama administration pushes for faster Ebola test
Washington Post: Rise in new cases shows Ebola has not released its deadly grip
 Jun 11 IRIN: Stigma leaves Liberia’s Ebola workers high and dry
New York Times: A Chinese Ebola Drug Raises Hopes, and Rancor
UN News: Decline in Ebola cases stalls in West Africa, UN health agency reports
The Guardian: Charities fear Ebola resurgence after spike in cases
Jun 10 PBS Newshour: How close is the Ebola vaccine?
USAID: Q&A: How Changing Behaviors is Helping Stop Ebola’s Spread in West Africa
Reuters: Ghana halts Ebola vaccine trial due to community protests
Jun 9 USA Today: Study: Ebola virus didn't mutate into more dangerous strain
Los Angeles Times: Cases of Ebola recede in West Africa, but fears of recurrence remain
USA Today: 4 lessons from Ebola wars: Our view
Ebola Deeply: In Sierra Leone, Graduating Under Ebola
Jun 7 AFP: Ebola spreads suspicion and rumours in Guinea
New York Magazine: The doctor who got Ebola - Craig Spencer
Jun 6 Financial Times: The Ebola Review - Part I
Financial Times: The Ebola Review - Part II
Jun 5 Ebola Deeply: Five Minutes With Kippy Agyei: Founder of Heaven Homes
CBC News: Post-Ebola rapid response unit needed, health leaders tell G7
Jun 4 Wall Street Journal: Ebola's Long Shadow: W Africa struggles to rebuild its ravaged health-care system
UN News: Interview with Peter Graaff, Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response
Reuters: After Ebola, world still unprepared for global pandemic: MSF
Jun 3 Nature: Ebola outbreak thrusts MSF into new roles
UN News: UN health agency warns rainy season now hampering Ebola response in West Africa
Ebola Deeply: 'In Kambia, We Want Communities to Own the Fight Now'
Jun 2 IRIN: Why isn’t Guinea-Bissau prepared for Ebola?
UN News Centre: Ban to convene international Ebola recovery conference in New York
Global Health Corps: Ebola Impact in an Uninfected Country
IntraHealth Int'l: 10 Lessons for Stronger Health Information Systems in Ebola-Affected West Africa
Ebola Deeply: The Other Ebola Battle: Fair Pay for Local Health Workers
Jun 1 AP: UN Official says Ebola will end in Sierra Leone in Weeks
Devex: Improving Ebola response through mobile data
Reuters: Ebola threat to Guinea Bissau rises as border zone heats up

May 29 Humanosphere: Lost on the Money Trail
The Atlantic: A Liberian Hospital After Ebola
Ebola Deeply: A Conversation With Lusu Sloan: 'Over 400 Market Women Died From Ebola in Liberia'
May 27 Ebola Deeply: One Year of Ebola in Sierra Leone: ‘We Could Be Ebola-Free by End July’
Intrahealth International: Ebola Changed Everything
USAID: In Sierra Leone, Care Kits Deliver Assistance and Hope to Families
May 26 Huffington Post: Ebola: The Overlooked Sexually Transmitted Disease
Reutes: Ebola set to persist in 2015, but funds for aid are lacking: WHO
May 25 Ebola Deeply: Yeniva Sisay-Sogbeh: 'According to Some Media Coverage, We Were All Dying in The Streets'
May 21 Ebola Deeply: Guinea's Dr. Sakoba Keita: 'Taxi Drivers Can Help Drive Ebola Away'
May 20 Scientific American: After Ebola, a Blueprint Emerges to Jump-Start R&D
Infection Control Today: Ebola Diaries: Lessons in Listening
UN News Centre: UN health agency responds to Ebola spike by deploying team on border of Guinea and Guinea-Bissau
The Guardian: Coal giant exploited Ebola crisis for corporate gain, say health experts
May 19 New York Times: Doctors Link Risky Burials to Ebola Rise in West Africa
Bloomberg Business: How the World Is Wiping Out Killer Diseases
CBC News: Ebola 'won't go quietly,' WHO says, as cases edge up
May 18 US News World Report: Unexpected Lessons From the Ebola Outbreak
Ebola Deeply: New Chains of Transmission Spoil Race to Zero in Sierra Leone
WHO Media Centre: Sixty-eighth World Health Assembly opens in Geneva
May 16 The Science Times: Can Ebola Stay Hidden in the Orbits of the Eye?
May 14 Vox: Reporters got a lot wrong covering Ebola. We should do better next time
May 13 IRIN Africa: The pain of the new normal: Guinea after Ebola
The New Yorker: Sharing the Blame for the Ebola Crisis
Los Angeles Times: Study shows Ebola virus in Sierra Leone mutated at a normal rate
May 12 CBC News: Ebola outbreak visa ban lifted; Nova Scotia community members pleased
CIDRAP: Experts weigh challenges, options for Ebola vaccine clearance
New York Times: Liberia’s Military Tries to Remedy Tension Over Ebola Quarantine
WHO Disease outbreak: Ebola virus disease – Italy
May 11 WIRED: One Year Later, Ebola’s Lessons for the Next Big Outbreak
Wall Street Journal: Experts Criticize World Health Organization’s ‘Slow’ Ebola Outbreak Response
May 10 New York Times: Ebola-Free, but Not Resilient
May 9 WHO: The Ebola outbreak in Liberia is over
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine: Can the Ebola outbreak rejuvenate global health security?
May 7 Politico: Gates: Don’t forget Ebola
CBC News: Ebola found in U.S. doctor's eye months after recovery
May 6 Financial Post: How Cuba Could Stop the Next Ebola Outbreak
The Guardian: Ebola shows how our global health priorities need to be shaken up
Reuters: UN hails progress on Ebola as new weekly cases drop
May 5 New York Times: Tracing the Ebola Outbreak, Scientists Hunt a Silent Epidemic
United Nations News: Security Council hears Liberia briefing as country anticipates being declared ‘Ebola-free’
Ebola Deeply: A Conversation with: Dan Edge, Director of FRONTLINE (PBS)' Outbreak
Frontline: OUTBREAK: The inside story of the how the Ebola outbreak began, and why it wasn't stopped fro so long
All Africa: - published Apr 25 West Africa: Amid Ebola Outbreak, West African Governments Try to Isolate Media
May 4 Ebola Deeply: Four Corners of Liberia: Portraits of a Country in Recovery
May 3 NPR: What Happens To A Country When An Outbreak Of Ebola Ends?
May 1 Health Affairs Blog: Health Care Equity Needed To Fight Ebola
Wall Street Journal Sierra Leone “Must Change Narrative” in Order to Recover From Ebola

Apr 30 Voice of America: US Shuts Ebola Treatment Center in Liberia
Apr 29 UN News: New UN special envoy on Ebola response makes first visit to Sierra Leone
Desert News: As Sierra Leone emerges from Ebola crisis, new innovations are helping poor villages
IRIN Africa: Vaccination teams defeat 'Ebola effect' in Guinea
Ebola Deeply: Street Child's Tom Dannant: "Ebola is Nearly Gone. But The Recovery is Just as Important."
Sci Dev Net: Managing health crises after Ebola
Apr 28 The Guardian: Too many dying in Sierra Leone as result of Ebola response not virus itself – report
CBC News: UN aims to find all Ebola cases by end of May
Apr 27 Devex: Harsh criticism of its Ebola response pushes WHO to open up, do better
US Dept of State: 21st Century Tools To Tackle Ebola and Improve Health
Science Speaks: Ebola outbreak changes meaning of health systems strengthening
Apr 24 US News Health: Ebola Outbreak May Have Led to Almost 11,000 More Malaria Deaths: Study
Apr 23 United Nations News: Ebola: UN launches push to engage more women, community leaders in fight against disease
Devex: Empowering local media can make the difference: 5 lessons from the Ebola crisis
Ebola Deeply: Special Report: Why Sierra Leone Can't Get Rid of Ebola *Recommended
Apr 22 CIDRAP WHO: Stall in Ebola decline highlights need for stronger response
New York Times: Ebola Drug Works Against West African Strain in Study of Monkeys
ONE: Malaria in the time of Ebola
Ebola Deeply: In Koinadugu, the Paramount Chief Who Quarantined His District
Apr 21 GeekWire Lessons from the world’s Ebola response: faster intervention, better communication needed
Reuters: Scientists to share real-time genetic data on deadly MERS, Ebola
Global Post: Placing a dollar figure on health, following Ebola
Apr 20 CBC News: Ebola: World Health Organization admits failings in tackling crisis
The Guardian: How WHO revised its self-criticism over Ebola handling
New York Times: Ebola Lying in Wait
New York Times: W.H.O. Promises Reform After Criticism Over Ebola Response
Apr 19 New York Times: Signs Ebola Spreads in Sex Prompt a C.D.C. Warning
Apr 17 Reuters: "Exhausted" Liberia struggles with long Ebola 'to do' list
USAID: Road to Redemption: How One Liberian Hospital is Recovering from Ebola
Apr 16 Reuters: West Africa seeks $5-6 billion aid, debts canceled: Sierra Leone's Koroma
WHO: WHO leadership statement on the Ebola response and WHO reforms
CIDRAP: Multilateral groups to address Ebola economic recovery
AFP: Ebola-hit Liberia rebuilds devastated child healthcare system
Project Syndicate: Turning the Page on Ebola
Apr 14 Science Insider: Second Ebola vaccine trial may be too little, too late
WHO: Liberia succeeds in fighting Ebola with local, sector response
JAMA: Reforming the World Health Organization After Ebola
Apr 13 IntraHealth Int'l: As Ebola Resurges in Guinea, So Do Government Efforts to Quash It
MSF: Ebola: Surviving Survival - Life after recovery
Pulitzer Centre: Sierra Leone: How Ebola Forces Doctors to Turn Away Pregnant Patients
New York Times: Sierra Leone: Ebola Trial Begins
Ebola Deeply: A Conversation with Amelia Memsor Weaver: 'After Ebola, Hunger is Now the Biggest Battle to Be Fought in These Communities'
Apr 12 New York Times: Pattern of Safety Lapses Where Group Worked to Battle Ebola Outbreak
Apr 11 New York Times: Empty Ebola Clinics in Liberia Are Seen as Misstep in U.S. Relief Effort
Apr 10 USAID: How Guinea’s Journalists are Fighting to Win the War Against Ebola
Ebola Deeply: Letter from Conakry: 'In Guinea, The Road to Zero is More Like A Rollercoaster'
Reuters: Completing Ebola vaccine trials 'a challenge' as epidemic wanes
WHO: Statement on the 5th meeting of the IHR Emergency Committee regarding the Ebola outbreak in West Africa
Gov't of Canada: Canada's Chief Public Health Officer to visit West Africa
Apr 7 New York Times: Yes, We Were Warned About Ebola

Mar 31 EurekaAlert!:  Faulty modeling studies led to overstated predictions of Ebola outbreak
Mar 30 IRIN Africa: Sierra Leone's missing Ebola millions
Mar 29 Aljazeera America: Lockdown welcomed in Ebola-weary Sierra Leone
Mar 28 Reuters: Guinea president announces new emergency measures in Ebola fight
Mar 27 Reuters: British Ebola patient cured after experimental treatment
Ebola Deeply: A Fisherman, A Healer and A Grief-Stricken Village: How Ebola Came to Rosanda
The Guardian: Ebola upsurge could undo progress in blink of an eye, warns expert
Mar 26 New York Times: Ebola Virus in Latest Outbreak Does Not Show Unusual Mutations, Study Finds
Mar 25 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: Peter Piot wins Gairdner Award
EurekaAlert!: Ebola more deadly for young children
Ebola Deeply: The Year of Ebola: Diary of an Epidemic
Reuters: New Ebola infections continue to drop, Guinea still a concern
BBC: Hans Rosling | A Visual Guide: Understanding Ebola
CBC News: Ebola pioneer, stem cell researcher honoured with Canada Gairdner Awards
Mar 24 New York Times: Exposure Concerns Grow in Liberia After Diagnosis of First Ebola Case in Weeks
CBC News: Guinea tests Canadian-developed Ebola vaccine in hotspot
Mar 23 Washington Post: After Ebola
Ebola Deeply: In Sierra Leone, Fashion Won't Bow to Ebola
Mar 22 CBC News: Catastrophic Ebola outbreak not a perfect storm but systems failure: MSF
Mar 20 Reuters: Spike in Ebola in Guinea could reflect access to hidden patients
CBC News: Ebola outbreak: UN health agency waited several weeks before declaring emergency
Voice of America: WHO Denies It Delayed Declaration of Ebola Epidemic
New York Times: Liberia Reports First Ebola Case in Weeks
AP: Emails: UN health agency resisted declaring Ebola emergency
WHO: Vaccination must be scaled up in Ebola-affected countries
Mar 19 BBC News: Ebola crisis: Sierra Leone lockdown to hit 2.5m people
UN News Centre: Guinea reports highest weekly Ebola case total so far this year, new UN data shows
Mar 18 New England Journal of Medicine: The Next Epidemic — Lessons from Ebola, Bill Gates Perspective
Mar 17 Devex: Ebola: Moving from emergency to recovery
UN News Centre: New UN report highlights ‘terrifying’ impact of Ebola on nine million children
CBC News: Guinea sees spike in new Ebola cases, including 3 infected doctors
Mar 12 Intrahealth Int'l: mHero May Be the Tech Response to Ebola that Liberia's Health Workers Need
Mar 11 New York Times: Liberian Leader Concedes Errors in Response to Ebola
Ebola Deeply: On Decoration Day in Liberia, Haunted by Ebola's Horrific Toll
Aljazeera: Why we’re still waiting on an Ebola vaccine
WHO: Ebola Situation Report - 11 March 2015
WHO: WHO and World Food Programme join forces to reach zero Ebola cases
CBC News: More funding from Canada needed for next phase of Ebola fight: UN
Mar 10 Ebola Deeply: At Liberia's Border With Sierra Leone, Resuming Trade Amid Temperature Checks
Mar 9 EurekaAlert!: First look at hospitalized Ebola survivors' immune cells could guide vaccine design
Mar 7 Vice News: Ebola's Youngest Victims: Liberian Children Face New Health Challenges As Outbreak Subsides
Mar 5 CIDRAP: Ebola ring vaccination trial set for Guinea launch
WHO: Ebola vaccine efficacy trial ready to launch in Guinea
CBC News: Ebola doctors, nurses no longer recruited for West Africa
CBC News: Ebola outbreak: Doctor's use of Canada's experimental vaccine offer clues
Mar 4 Nature: Maternal health: Ebola’s lasting legacy
Reuters: More Ebola in Guinea, Sierra Leone last week, no Liberia cases: WHO
Mar 3 VOX: Ebola czar — "This thing isn't over yet." And the next pandemic could be even worse
The Guardian: Ebola ‘leaves 12,000 orphans in Sierra Leone’
The Guardian: Fighting Ebola requires a culture change in the west, as well as west Africa
The Guardian: Ebola epidemic is 'wake-up call' for investment in universal healthcare
Partners in Health: The Tiniest Ebola Patients
EurekaAlert!: UTMB collaboration results in rapid Ebola test
BMGF Impatient Optimists: A Wake-Up Call: Lessons from Ebola for the World’s Health Systems
Mar 2 Ebola Deeply: For Sierra Leone's Amputees, Ebola Hits Twice As Hard
Mar 1 Forbes: ZMapp Ebola Trial Starts In Liberia: Is It Too Late?

Feb 27 Ebola Deeply: Orphaned by Ebola, Finding Ways To Survive
The Hill: Obama touts Ebola progress with Liberian president
Feb 26 New York Times: Fatality Rate Is Falling in West African Ebola Clinics
Feb 25 Fortune: Ex-Ebola Czar Ron Klain: 5 management lessons from the Ebola outbreak
The Guardian: Ebola endemic in west Africa remains a risk, scientists warn
Feb 24 Nature: Six challenges to stamping out Ebola
Ebola Deeply: A Conversation with the U.S. Ambassador to Liberia
Feb 23 Reuters: Ebola drug in Guinea helps some, stirs debate on broader use
Ebola Deeply: A Conversation with Dr. Fatou Mbow: What Next for Guinea?
Feb 20 New York Times: Leaders of Ebola Fight at U.N. Express Worry About Eradication
CBC News: Ebola outbreak: rapid test approved
Feb 19 Ebola Deeply: Report from Lofa, Liberia: Ebola Vaccine Stigma Impacts Polio and Measles Campaigns
Feb 18 UN News Centre: Ebola: UN envoy likens final phase of response to ‘looking for needles in haystacks’
EurekaAlert!: Ebola and the International Health Regulations Treaty
Feb 17 CIDRAP: FAO unveils Guinea project for Ebola prevention, rural recovery
Intra-Health Int'l: From Guinea: The Doors Shut by Ebola are Starting to Open
Vancouver Sun: Vancouver doctor feels he ‘made a difference’ in Ebola zone
Feb 16 Aljezeera America: Blood transfusions show early promise as possible Ebola cure
Reuters: Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia target zero new Ebola cases in 60 days
The Guardian: A third of Sierra Leone's Ebola budget unaccounted for, says report
CIDRAP: Cases in Ebola outbreak region top 23,000
Ebola Deeply: Freetown's Ebola Detectives: 'There is Still a Trust Problem'
Feb 12 EurekaAlert!: Ebola virus may have been present in West Africa long before 2014 outbreak
Ebola Deeply: Ebola On The Ground: The Decontaminator
CBC News: Novavax starts Ebola vaccine trial in humans
Feb 11 Reuters: West Africa sees spike in Ebola cases as decline stalls: WHO
Feb 10 Sci Dev Net: Lessons from the social response to Ebola
Reuters: Obama to bring back most U.S. troops fighting Ebola in Africa
New York Times: Reform After the Ebola Debacle
Feb 9 NPR: Time's 'Person Of The Year' Is Feeling Kind Of Lost
Health Affairs blog: After The Worst In Liberia And Sierra Leone
Ebola Deeply: Ebola On The Ground: The Ebola Surveillance Team
Feb 8 New York Times: In Treating Ebola, Even Using a Stethoscope Becomes a Challenge
Reuters: Britain becomes first country to donate to IMF Ebola debt relief fund
Feb 7 Reuters: Guinea to expand use of experimental anti-Ebola drugs
Feb 6 Reuters: Guinea Ebola infections double as hidden cases discovered
Thompson Reuters Fdn: High rates of child deaths from Ebola, special care needed - WHO
Ebola Deeply: Small Rise in Cases Prompts Concern Among Liberians and Sierra Leoneans
Feb 5 Ebola Deeply: Survivor Story: Haja Umu
Ebola Deeply: Ebola On The Ground: The Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Feb 4 The Guardian: Experts raise hope of end to Ebola outbreak
Global Health Policy Blog: Funding to Fight Ebola: Not Too Little, but Definitely Too Late
New York Times: Ebola Drug Aids Some in a Study in West Africa
Daily Mail: Low infection rate halts Ebola treatment trials in Liberia
BBC News: New Ebola cases show first rise in 2015
Feb 3 Newsweek: Roughly $1.8 Billion in Ebola Relief Donations Haven't Made it to Africa
Ebola Deeply: Ebola On The Ground: Ebola Deeply and OkayAfrica at Sierra Leone’s Epicenter
Feb 2 EurekaAlert!: Ebola vaccine trial opens in Liberia
Ebola Deeply: Good Fences, Good Neighbors
Foreign Policy: Is Ebola the new powder keg?
The Guardian: Second UK military Ebola worker flies back home after needlestick injury

Jan 31 New York Times: As Ebola Ebbs in Africa, Focus Turns From Death to Life
Jan 29 Science Speaks: Ebola: “You can’t say we didn’t know,” says a doctor returned from West Africa
CBC News: New Ebola cases per week fall under 100 for 1st time since June
Jan 28 Ebola Deeply: 42 Days Later: Holding onto Zero in Kailahun
PLOS Blogs: How a tree helped a village with Ebola control
Jan 27 World Bank: World Bank Group President: World is ‘Dangerously Unprepared’ for Future Pandemics
PLOS Blogs: How will the Ebola epidemic end?
Jan 26 Intrahealth Int'l: FHWC Urges WHO Executive Board to Put Frontline Health Workers at Center of Ebola Discussions
Jan 23 The Lancet Global Blog: Key Data Points for Guiding the Ebola Response
Reuters: WHO says cash crunch, rains could thwart Ebola efforts
The Guardian: Experimental Ebola vaccine shipped to Liberia
Reuters: Sierra Leone lifts Ebola quarantine measures amid progress
Jan 22 Ebola Deeply: Liberia: Fewer Cases, Fewer Cares
Int'l Business Times: As Ebola Outbreak Recedes, Global Health Care Leaders Focus On Prevention, Coordinated Action
New York Times: Fast Track on Drug for Ebola Has Faltered
Jan 19 The Washington Post: The secret to curing West Africa from Ebola is no secret at all
The Guardian: Ebola kills far fewer than Aids, TB and malaria. What should we prioritise?
Politico Magazine: How a ‘Czar’ Fights a Disease: Ron Klain on the White House response to Ebola
Jan 18 Washington Post: U.S.-built Ebola treatment centers in Liberia are nearly empty as outbreak fades
Jan 17 US Dept of State: How Innovation Is Transforming the Fight Against Ebola
Jan 16 Kaiser Family Foundation: 7 Key Challenges Face Ebola Vaccine Developers, Stakeholders
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: Ebola vaccine trial funding announced by Innovative Medicines Initiative
Jan 14 Foreign Policy: ‘We Are Fighting an Enemy, and the Enemy Is Ebola’
Humanosphere: Wonks disagree over whether IMF contributed to Ebola crisis
Jan 13 Kaiser Family Foundation: Where do we stand in the fight against Ebola? A conversation with CDC Director Tom Frieden
Reuters: Ebola health workers face life or death decision on pregnant women: experts
Ebola Deeply: ‘We Found 244 Ebola Patients Through House-to-House Searches’
Jan 12 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: Unsung heroes on the Ebola frontline
The Guardian: Ebola takes mental health toll where 'life has frozen' in Sierra Leone
CBC News: Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone key in training health providers
Ebola Deeply: Burying the Dead, Losing Love: Reflections from a Burial Team Member
Jan 11 Huff Post Canada: Ebola and West Africa's Children
Jan 8 Foreign Affairs: Three Myths About Ebola: The stories the West tells itself
Baltimore Sun: Ebola response wrongly derided
Ebola Deeply: Ebola in 2015: The Road Ahead
Jan 6 Lancet, Global Health Blog: Grassroots Movements Kicking Ebola Out
Jan 5 Ebola Deeply: "If Communities Don't Work Together, Ebola Will Devastate This Country Even More"

Dec 29 Wall Street Journal: After Slow Ebola Response, WHO Seeks to Avoid Repeat
Dec 18 PLOS Blogs: Supporting those who go to fight Ebola
Dec 17 CBC News: Ebola outbreak: Sierra Leone to search house-to-house for patients
Dec 16 Ebola Deeply: The long road to Quewein, Ebola in an isolated village
New York Times: Fewer Ebola cases go unreported than thought, study finds
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