Mitacs Globalink Program Now Accepting Applications

The Mitacs Globalink Program is designed to fund research internships for some of the top students in the world.  The mandate of the program is to provide these international students with a glimpse of some of Canada’s exciting research opportunities and to improve Canada’s innovation capacity through attracting these interns to return to Canada for further studies.  Globalink students undertake a research project under the supervision of a university faculty member, meet with local entrepreneurs and business leaders and build their professional skills and network. A participant’s experience is further enriched with the guidance of a supporting student advisor and a host of meaningful educational and social experiences during their stay.

Through Globalink, Mitacs will:

  • Foster global innovation by connecting students in Canada with their peers around the world
  • Highlight the world-class research being undertaken at Canadian companies and universities
  • Profile leading industry and academic innovation initiatives across the country
  • Introduce top international undergraduate students to local business, government and academic leaders

Program Overview:

  • Eligible students have completed the third year of a four year program, or the fourth year of a five year program
  • Applicants to the program must have a minimum CGPA of  8/10, or equivalent, and compete for a limited number of positions
  • Research-based Globalink internships are planned for an approximate duration of 12 weeks at a variety of universities across Canada
  • Mitacs Inc., through the support of our funders, provides each student with airfare, medical insurance, visa, accommodation and a weekly stipend
  • Participants attend an Industry Conference in which they gain professional skills and an introduction to industry and the entrepreneurial environment in Canada
  • Internships match provincial, university, and project criteria with student skills and backgrounds
  • Projects are recruited during August and September, students are recruited October and November, and internship decisions are made from November to January
  • Internships generally take place between May and September (dependent on the student’s academic calendar at their home institution)


  • Provide ongoing direction and research support to the intern directly and/or through an appointed lab supervisor
  • Provide the student with the following as needed to carry out the research project efficiently, effectively, and safely:

o        Access to lab and/or office space,
o        Access to hardware, software, and research equipment,
o        Access to and enrollment in any required safety and orientation training courses

  • Assist in introducing the student to graduate programs offered at the host institution
  • Participate in status meetings/reporting as necessary during the internship
  • Complete an exit survey in order to provide feedback on how the program may be improved for future cohorts


  • Faculty members may submit up to four project proposals that, upon assessment for scientific merit, will be made available to students for application.
  • Please note that in order to provide all interested faculty members with an opportunity to participate in the program, student placements will be limited to one per faculty member.
  • Please note that Mitacs Inc. is unable to guarantee that each submitted project will receive a student placement.
  • Final student placement numbers per province will be dictated by the funding available in that area.
  • To submit an application in English, please go to
  • To submit an application in French, please go to

Deadline for submission of proposals is October 1, 2011.

For further information about the Mitacs Globalink program and how to apply, please contact me at