NGDI Hosts UAEM Students from Central Michigan University

L to R: Joshua Christian, Priscilla Vargas, Kish Wasan and Justin Mendoza

Students from Central Michigan University (CMU) were sponsored by Dr. Kishor Wasan and the NGDI for a visit to UBC on Aug 16-19th, 2011.  The students were hosted by fellow Universities Allied for Essential Medicine (UAEM) Students UBC Chapter – Sonja Babovic and Ben Horsman.  Jennifer Choi of the Student Biotechnology Network also hosted a student.

The trip was initiated when Dr. Wasan was invited to speak at the UAEM CMU Conference this spring.  The students were very impressed with the work that UAEM UBC Chapter had accomplished over the last few years and were eager to learn what they could about how global access principles are utilized within technology transfer contracts at UBC.

During their visit they met with the University-Industry Liaison Office, toured the new Pharmaceutical Building, Brain Research Centre and the Centre for Microbial Diseases and Immunity Research.  They also met with Santiago Ramon-Garcia the recent winner of Grand Challenges Canada Rising Star Award, David Ng of UBC Terry Talks and Olga Pena of the Accessible Science Initiative.

L to R: Ben Horsman, Sonja Babovic, Justin Mendoza, Joshua Christian, and Priscilla Vargas

The trip wasn’t all work though, as the NGDI hosted a dinner and the group joined in with the NGDI Working Group BBQ lunch.  The UAEM students also hosted a pub night for the group and they got a chance to see the best of Vancouver by hitting the beach!