Adjunct Professor
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences | UBC
Professor and Dean | School of Pharmacy and Nutrition | University of Saskatchewan
Past Director | NGDI-UBC
Research Interests:

Project Name: Amphotercin B.

Vancouver company, iCo Therapeutics Inc., has partnered with UBC to advance Dr. Kishor Wasan’s new formulation of Amphotericin B for the treatment of leishmaniasis and other fungal infections. In developed countries, fungal infections are a leading contributor to death among immunocompromised individuals (e.g. cancer and AIDS patients). In the developing world, leishmaniasis is contracted by 2 million people a year. Dr. Wasan’s formulation, being developed to be taken orally without serious side-effects, will be a significant improvement on the current treatment which is expensive, can only be administered by injection and is highly toxic. This makes the technology ideal for application in the developing world, and our commercialization agreement with iCo ensures that development of the formulation will embrace our global access objectives.

Since entering into this partnership iCo announced positive preclinical data relating to the oral amphotericin formulation licensed from UBC. Significant antifungal activity was seen at dosage levels where no kidney toxicity was observed, and the formulation displayed a dramatic knock-down of a parasitic infection that causes Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL), with greater than 99% eradication of parasitic infection at the tested dosages. In April 2009, iCo and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) established the Research Chair in Drug Delivery for Neglected Global Diseases held by Dr. Kishor Wasan. I September 2009, iCo entered a partnership with Gates Foundation funding recipients, The Consortium for Parasitic Drug Development, with initial funding targeted at formulation optimization for tropical conditions.

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