Canadian Rising Stars Round Two Now Open

This Grand Challenges Canada program aims to tap into the creativity, knowledge and skills of young Canadian Scientists

The goal of this request for proposals is to support the development of exceptional emerging Canadian scientists in global health who have the potential to be world leaders in global health.

Application Deadline: September 19, 2011 11:59 p.m. EDT

Download poster here: canadianrisingstars_poster_2011Jul20_EN

Download the following information:
Request for Proposals

We seek proposals for innovative solutions that could be easily implemented in developing countries to improve global health. We seek ideas that are bold and creative, and that have the potential to make a substantial impact on a global health problem. The proposed innovations would need to:

  1. Have a strong likelihood of achieving substantial and measurable health gains in an under-resourced setting.
  2. Maximize delivery, uptake, acceptability, sustainability, and impact by integrating scientific/technological, social and business innovation. We call this “Integrated Innovation”. (See Integrated Innovation white paper available at
  3. Initiate and build upon partnerships between a Canadian organization and organizations in low- and middle-income countries.

Desirable attributes include:

  • Solutions appropriate for settings with limited electricity;
  • Technologies that minimize maintenance and training;
  • Approaches that can be used effectively to improve health in communities with no or basic health clinics;
  • Adaptations of widely-used technologies (e.g., mobile phones) to meet health needs;
  • Solutions that can be easily assimilated into cultural practices and existing health delivery mechanisms;
  • Technologies embedded within a solid business plan to drive market penetration and uptake in poor countries;
  • Technologies that can be translated quickly into approved products;
  • Extreme affordability.

We will not consider funding for solutions that are not applicable to a low-resource developing world setting.


Up to $20 million CAD is available for this program. Awards are initially valued at $100,000 CAD for up to 18 months to demonstrate proof-of-principle of the idea. Upon application and successful review at 12-18 months after the initial award is granted, scale-up grants of up to $1 million CAD for two years may be awarded. A minimum of 30% of the scale-up budget must be spent in the low- and middle-income country.

Assuming a sufficient number of proposals of merit, up to 20 awards of $100,000 CAD will be granted in this second round of funding. We intend to fund a total of three rounds of proof-of-principle awards. Up to 14 scale-up awards may be granted over the three rounds of competition.


Applicants must:

  • Be no more than 10 years from having completed a PhD or a health professional degree at the time of taking up the award;
  • Be affiliated with a Canadian non-profit organization, for-profit company, or other recognized institution capable of supporting the proposed activities and administering grants;
  • Be willing to engage the public on their project and, more generally, on global health topics;
  • Have a co-investigator in a low- or middle-income country. This is desired from the proof-ofprinciple stage, and will be required for the scale-up phase (see more detail below);
  • Have the support of a mentor, who will provide guidance and facilitate career development.

Co-investigator requirements:

The co-investigator must also be no more than 10 years from having completed a PhD or a health professional degree at the time of taking up the award; be affiliated with an institution located in a lower middle-income country capable of supporting the proposed research activities, and be willing to engage the public on their project and broader global health topics.

Existing and new collaborations are equally encouraged. Grand Challenges Canada will facilitate introductions with potential collaborators.

For information on this challenge, please contact:

Dr. Kishor Wasan, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Phone 604-822-4889 or by email at