NGDI Organizes Roundtable and Pharmaceutical Sciences Building Tour for Dr. Clive Ondari from WHO

The Neglected Global Disease Initiative and the School of Population and Public Health co-sponsored a roundtable and discussion on June 16 with Dr. Clive Ondari. He is the Head of Policy, Access and Rational Use of Medicines (PAR), Department of Medicines Policy and Standards (HTP/PSM) at the World Health Organization and a world expert in essential drug, indigenous medicines and medicines for children. Before the roundtable event, Dr. Ondari met with Dr. Kishor Wasan and Jocelyn Conway to discuss collaboration possibilities. They then toured the new UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences building and Dr. Ondari was impressed by its capacity. The building will be home to 220 pharmaceutical sciences students, making it one of the largest of its kind in North America.

The roundtable was facilitated by Dr. Jerry Spiegel, Director, Global Health, Liu Institute of Global Issues, Associate Professor, SPPH and Benjamin Warren, JD, LLB, PhD Candidate, Global Health Research Program, SSPHT. Twelve attendees participated in the successful event and received information about how WHO works with consultants and experts at UBC.

The following groups co-sponsored Dr. Ondari’s visit to UBC: