CIHR Journalism Award to Don Cayo of Vancouver Sun for – Malaria: Can it be beaten?

The CIHR Journalism Awards aim to support media stories that inform Canadians of evidence-based health-related research issues carried out by health researchers.  Vancouver Sun columnist Don Cayo has received a one year award of $15,385 in order to give an indepth report on Malaria. His winning outline is as follows:

Malaria kills far fewer people in the developing world than it used to, but progress in the fight against the disease is spotty and fragile. Several hundred thousand still die from the disease every year, and millions suffer debilitating symptoms. But future prospects are reasonably good thanks to a combination of better implementation of established ways to combat the disease and new technologies that are still being developed and tested.

The overall objective of this funding is to encourage Canadian journalists to go “above and beyond” their  normal level of coverage of health research issues, and report in depth on  issues of interest to the Canadian public.  Projects are expected to include a period of investigation and study that assembles the information needed for in-depth news or feature article, a radio or TV piece, or a series of articles or pieces.

The specific  objectives of this funding opportunity are:

  • To support the synthesis, dissemination, exchange and ethically sound application of research-based knowledge to improve the health of Canadians;
  • To build interest in health research issues among Canadian reporters, photographers, freelancers and editors;
  • To increase the number of journalists with an interest and expertise in health research issues;
  • To satisfy the continuing demand by Canadians for more quality coverage of health related issues;
  • To recognize and support excellence in Canadian health research reporting and journalism; and
  • To encourage dialog among and with Aboriginal Canadians on issues that will foster wellbeing and health.

The NGDI-UBC is supportive of the CIHR Journalist award objectives and looks forward to Mr. Cayo’s articles.